Our Artisans

alice anyango

Alice Anyango

I am Anyango Pascalial. I thank you for the work you do for me. This work on necklaces has helped me a lot. I can pay school fees for my children. I can buy at home food. It also keeps me busy at home instead of sitting idle.

Thank you,

May God bless you all.




mary nafua

Mary Nafula

Thank you a lot for supporting us by buying our beads. The sales have really helped me in various ways. I have built a house. I can pay for school for my children. Your support helps me meet the daily needs in my house. It is our prayer that the market will widen in order to meet the unmet needs in our community. I thank God for the opportunity to tell you my story.

With love, Mary




 Rachel Naigino

Rachel Naigino

My name is Rachel Naigino

Before I began making beads I could not raise my full school fees. But out of the income from the bead sales I have been able to complete my ordinary level of education and have acquired my ordinary level certificate. So if the opportunity to sell continues I hope to save and then pursue a profession in teaching at college.




Wilson Nakeba

Wilson Nakeba

My name is Wilson Nakeba

Right from the date that I started making beads, my life has changed financially, socially, and spiritually. I have managed to complete my diploma in business studies which looked impossible before. Indeed, I thank God for this project.   Beading has brought Hope to my life!





 rose Manasseh

Rose Manasseh

Dear Jinja Jewelry,

Many greetings from Jinja. My name is Rose Manasseh. I stay in Jinja town, Uganda. Am married to Pastor Manasseh A. Masiza. God has blessed us with 5 children, four daughters and a son. God is taking care of our needs through various ways. Beads making and selling through Jinja Jewelry is of great support to our family needs. We are enabled to pay fees for our children right from Primary to secondary school. Our two university students, are able to get their basic needs to be at school. We always pray for you that God will open a bigger market for you to sell our products. Thank you for this volunteer work you do for us.

Rose Manasse


Juliet Atto

 Juliet Atto

I had no job before, but through bead making, I have managed to support our family financially, hence leading to a good standard of living. However, I am planning to open up my own art gallery in future and to go back for further studies. I do pray for the market to be wide while thinking of making other things out of paper beads. With God everything is possible.

All blessing are yours. Juliet Atto.




 Magie Masibo

Magie Masibo                                    

I joined Jinja Hope Beader’s Group in August 2008 and I thank God for the person who introduced bead making to me. Right now I can take my children to school as well as providing domestic needs for my family such as clothing, salt, soap, sugar and paying rent. I now look forward to setting up a business that can maintain my family’s standard of living. May the Heavenly Father bless you.





Florence Mayombi

Florence Manyombi              

Through beading, I am able to support my family. I can pay school fees and domestic needs like paying rent and buying food. I thank God for changing the life of my family because I was doing bad. I am planning a rear poultry and to become a farmer in the future because Uganda is blessed with fertile land. I pray for our facilitators to be blessed. Thanks.




lornah Namono

Lornah Namomo

Through Jinja Hope Institute’s bead making project I have managed to get money that has helped my family live a better life. Now I can support my family’s domestic needs and even pay school fees for my two children. I thank Joy and her team very much for introducing me to bead making and for helping us open an account at the bank. Right now my future plan is to set up a business selling fabrics. Finally, I thank God and I am praying hard that the chance to make beads doesn’t end.





Robert kitale

 Robert Kitale 

I am Robert Kitale by name. I am Ugandan by nationality, born in 1983 and married with two children. My education was stopped in Primary school due to lack of enough money for school fees. Since I joined bead making at Light and Life Church, I managed to secure some money which has helped me. It has really changed my family financially and has made us spiritually strong in God. I continue to pray for the market for beads to be wider because I have hope to excel in business and want to do God’s work in the future. I really thank you for the service that you procured for us. In accordance to the scripture in Ephesians 6:18 we are praying for more grace, power, and the wisdom of God upon you. God bless.



Colline Ochaka

Colline Ochacka

Since I started making beads, my life totally changed. I have managed to pay my tuition at campus and also to take care of myself. I am studying information technology at Mukuno University in Mukono district and I am in my first semester of my first year. I am praying for the market for beads to be wider so that I can complete my studies. In the future, my prayer is to set aside a business while working in a company such as Uganda Tele.com. Finally, I thank the leaders who introduced Jinja Hope Institute to us.