Scholarship2We help the population of Uganda who are 15 years and younger. Our hope is to educate and increase the quality of life for those so vulnerable. We give educational scholarships to the the most needy. Bi annually we pair children with mentors to encourage them to prepare themselves for leadership roles and to be responsible citizens.

We utilize fair trade practices to empower women to support their families through the purchase of their products, made from recycled papers and sustainable goods. We have partnered with a 135 bed rural hospital that tries to support a population of over 400,000. With supplies and medical care by US surgeons we have been able to give care that some have been waiting years to receive.The exchange of medical knowledge and personnel benefits of everyone involved.We partnered with Clear Blue Water Project to supply a well for over 2500 internally displaced refugees. We will continue our efforts to give this critical life support in other areas of Uganda.

jan1Nancy Toubl, pictured second from left in the photo, of the River of Life United Methodist Church, recently presented a check for $1100 from Easter offerings to Gideon Ngobi, left, Jan Anderson and Laurie McCutcheon of the Hope Institute of Uganda. The church has also been sewing dresses for the girls in Uganda for about two years.

Edgerton Hospital’s Wisconsin donation is the largest that the Hope Institute of Uganda has ever seen. Through my travels to Buluba, I know the struggles that go on in this hospital every day. Edgerton Hospital Wisconsin has just brightened a lot of lives, and I guarantee that when the semi truck pulls up and unloads, there will be tears of joy, relief and thankfulness. When you have nothing, even the smallest of gestures is a blessing. Edgerton Hospital has done the right thing and definitely made many wishes come true in Uganda,” said McCutchan. To learn how Edgerton Hospital’s donation will directly affect the St. Francis Hospital Buluba in Uganda.

To learn how Edgerton Hospital’s donation will directly affect the St. Francis Hospital. The Hope Institute is continuously seeking donations, especially bed linens and disposables. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact Laurie McCutchan at 608-290-0064 or

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