Timothy Muguwa

School Profile: Timothy Muguwa (2015) School: Iganga Boys Primary School Age: 8 yrs old Grade: Grade 2 Date: May 1, 2015 School Fees & Tuition: $550 / academic year Biography:Timothy Muguwa was an abandoned child. The Dad neglected him and Timothy doesn’t know who his mother is, so he was adopted by a distant relative. […]


Semeyi Mando

Student Report: Semeyi Mando Grade: Primary 7 School: Iganga Boys School Date: March 2015 School Fees & Tuition:$550 / academic year Semeyi is currently in Primary 7 at Iganga Boys Boarding Primary School. He is sponsored by House of God Church in Janesville, Wisconsin. Semeyi, wants to be a doctor though at this point his […]


Moses Lugoja

Student Report: Moses Lugoja (2015) School: Jinja Senior SS Grade: Senior 1 Date: March 23, 2014 School Fees & Tuition: $399 / academic year Biography: Moses Lugoja was identified by Pastor Manasseh from the neighborhood of the Light Life Church which served the Masese 3 zones. This is a low-income slum in City of Jinja. […]


Mebra Byali

Mebra Byali – May 1, 2015 School Report: Mebra Byali (2015) School: Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School Grade: Senior 1 Date: May 1, 2015 School Fees & Tuition:$870 / academic year Mebra Byali started Senior 1, at Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School in February, 2015.  She had hoped to be admitted at Gayaza High School but she […]


Venus Kisakye

Student Profile: Venus Kisakye (2015) School: Kigulu Girls School Date: March 23, 2015 School Fees & Tuition:$618 / academic year Biography: Venus is in Primary 7 at Kigulu Girls School. She is sponsored by Jean Olson and Sally Brandt team. This is her third year at this school but she says she likes it and […]