David Waiswa

  School : New Hope High School – Musita Grade   : Senior 3 Tuition :  $750/academic year Date     : January 20, 2016 David Waiswa, is a student in Senior 3 at New Hope High School in Musita, Mayuge District. David’s report card for the  term II of 2015 indicates that he needs to improve  his effort in […]


Moses Lugoja

Student Report: Moses Lugoja (2016) School: Jinja Progressive Academy Grade: Senior 2 Date: January 20, 2016 School Fees & Tuition: $550 / academic year Biography: Moses Lugoja was identified by Pastor Manasseh from the neighborhood of the Light Life Church which served the Masese 3 zone. This is a low-income slum in City of Jinja. Moses is […]


Grace Bwiza – Alumni

Student Profile: Grace Bwiza (2016) School: Kakira Seconday School Grade: Graduated from Senior 6 (December 2015) Date: January 20, 2016 School Fees & Tuition: Not applicable Biography: Grace lives in Buluba with her parents who work at the St. Francis, Buluba hospital and has been sponsored by Dr. Squires family since 2009. Grace’s brother goes to […]


Ibrahim Wanzu – Alumni

Student Report: Ibrahim Wanzu (2016) School: Jinja Secondary School Grade: Senior 6 (graduated December 2015) Date: January 20, 2016 School Fees & Tuition: Not applicable Biography: Ibrahim lives in Kiwani with his grandmother and occasionally with his father (picture above). His Mother is deceased and he was abandoned by his Father when he was very young. He […]


Mando Tenywa

Student: Mando Tenywa Grade: Primary 7 School: Iganga Boys School Date: January 2016 School Fees & Tuition: $550 / academic year Mando T is currently in Primary 7 at Iganga Boys Boarding Primary School. He is sponsored by a group of residents in Janesville, Wisconsin called (Team Mando T). Mando T lives with his Mother and four siblings, […]